Texas Allied Petroleum Counting on Future Opportunities

posted on 26th Dec, 2013

Texas Allied Petroleum is USA based company headquartered at Austin, Texas and working in Oil and Natural Sector having assets in Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Wyoming. TAP has shown tremendous growth to become one of the biggest companies venturing in exploring, developing and producing Natural gas and Oil within very short span of time. The company is well known for their success ratio and the innovative techniques they have adopted to explore Oil and Natural Gas.
In addition, the best part of this company is the highly trained business executives having extensive experience in the related sectors. Due to their long-term goals, they have developed a pool of enthusiastic employees that contribute equally in the research, technical operations and support teams. Texas Allied Petroleum has always shown a thirst for success in all the projects they have undertaken so far and that is why they have extensively trained their employees to become guaranteed professionals in their relative field of expertise and are consistently trained and polished for further development in their skills so as to cope up with the changing technology.
The recent successful venture of Texas Allied Petroleum is the completion of “WilsonTodd well” drilling and testing although the concerned well was almost 2200 feet deep and was situated in Coffee County, Kansas. In addition, they also proudly associate themselves with the Neumann #1 project, carried out successfully in 10,000 feet deep well situated in Liberty County as well Neumann #2 project, 2300 feet deep well situated in Colorado County District by completing its testing and destruction. With so much projects in hand, Texas Allied Petroleum is still searching new horizons for exploring natural gas and oil reserves.
Texas Allied Petroleum has prepared their nerves for the Main Pass project consisting of 15 shallow wells offshore from the Plaquemines Parish at Louisiana. Although still there is time for the completion of this project, it has already generated enormous interest in the Oil and Natural gas industry only to watch the kind of success Texas Allied Petroleum will achieve in this project. Although they have a steady production rate of 500,000 cubic feet of natural gas and 100 Barrels of Oil from the three fields in Wyoming it is said that if they achieve the desired success in the Main Pass Project then surely this production is going to increase many folds.


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posted on 26th Nov, 2013

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Why Texas Allied Petroleum is The Best

posted on 26th Oct, 2013

Texas Allied Petroleum headquartered in Austin, Texas and came in existence back in the year 2005 with primary aim of Natural gas exploration, production and distribution. Over the years, company has seen the fluctuation in the prices of natural gas they have experienced the all-time high prices and they have experienced the lowest possible prices. However, adapting to the changing economic environment in Natural gas sector they decided to venture their luck in exploration and production of Oil and for their amazement, they experienced Midas touch to find Oil in almost all their ventures. As of now, they are not only involved in production and exploration of Natural Gas and Oil but they are also involved in finding the possible oil and natural gas reserves all over the United States.
Anyone with a set standard of goals will envy the hard work and achievements put forth by Texas Allied Petroleum. The success they have achieved in “WilsonTodd wells” in Neumann #1 and Neumann#2 as well the current success in project Main Pass 35 is only due to their innovative thinking and positive attitude towards their work. Due to their hard work and the successful achievements in mere 7 years, they have acquired registration from the Texas Oil and Gas Association, The Austin Chamber of Commerce and the Dunn and Bradstreet.
Texas Allied Petroleum as of now has established itself to produce amazing amount of 500,000 cubic feet of Natural Gas every day and 100 barrels of Oil from the three fields in Wyoming. This for sure is a tremendous achievement for a newly established company that has just entered the market and still has a long way to go and tap its potential. However the uncertain international strategies in the Oil and Natural Gas sector has forced Texas Allied Petroleum to collaborate with large and international companies in Oil and Natural Gas industry.
In near future they are implementing new strategies and improved policies under which they have targeted to acquire Natural gas and Oil production ratio in equal amount from their current assets in Kansas, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Louisiana, State Waters and Texas. Texas Allied Petroleum has a primary focus of acquiring all the drilling opportunities of low to mid risk ranging from 1000’ to 10,000’. Recently they have also achieved and acquisition of 300-Acre Oil and Natural Gas lease in the Henry Crooks Survey situated in Lavaca County and has plans to produce and run 4 wells in Yegua sand.